Top Tips For Creative Ring Stacking

Top Tips For Creative Ring Stacking

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Curate Your Own Ring Stack With These Simple Steps

Ring stacking can be a process of trial and error and, of course, a matter of taste. There are no set-in-stone rules for the proper way to do it, but in this article, we aim to help point you in the right direction, whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your ring layering style.

Building Around Forever Pieces

Ring layering is a great way to rotate your current ring collection or match your daily wear. If you’re looking for a smart way to begin, look to your forever pieces, such as wedding sets, custom rings, and heirlooms. Let them be the base and build on from there. We cover wedding set stacks a little further down.

Sticking To A Theme

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? Try picking a theme and building around that to start. Whether your goal is whimsical, dainty, art deco, or edgy (and so on), keeping within a theme will help you to narrow down options and build a cohesive stack.

These stacks offer three completely different theme examples, all using Jennie Kwon Designs pieces. The possibilities really are endless.

Art Deco Theme

Emerald Mini Art Deco Ring Stack on handIncluded in this stack -- 

Edgy Theme

Black Diamond Half Round Semi Pave Ring stack on hand

 Included in this stack -- 

Dainty/Minimal Theme

3s Ruby Ring Stack on hand

 Included in this stack -- 

Mixing It Up

Make your ring stack a beautiful mixed metals medley. Use yellow gold and white gold together, and even throw rose gold in for good measure. Social rules saying you can’t wear more than one metal at once are outdated, so wear your favorites as you please. 

Add emerald or ruby rings into your stacks for pops of color to go along with diamond sparkle. Our Equilibrium Rings play up a variety of widths, making them suitable for stacking. Try different heights and widths within one stack or on several fingers. 

‘Less Is More’ Versus ‘More Is More’

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘less is more,’ but ‘more is more’ works in ring stacking as well. It all depends on your taste and goals. 

Less Is More

Simple doesn’t have to mean basic. In our example below, just two rings can make up an elegant and eye-catching stack. Or, adorn both hands with a few delicate Stacking Bands for a subtle but charming look.

Pearl 2 Diamond Ring Stack on hand

Included in this stack --

More Is More

It can mean many different things, from the literal “more rings” to using bigger, chunkier focal points. All of these options work; it’s just about how you put them together.

For example, in the four-ring stack below, we opted for the Chubby Equilibrium Cuff Ring for a bold addition to the look.

Diamond Oval Deco Ring Stack on hand

Included in this stack --

Go big – layer chunky rings with contrasting slim bands to get a textured look, add Signet Rings as an ultra-cool focal point, or stack different-sized bands to the sky.

Building A Wedding Ring Stack

There are many different ways to build a wedding set stack. If you’re looking for big bling, start with a diamond engagement ring with a raised mounting to show off your center stone and allow space for a flush stack. For a more delicate and subdued look, start with a lower mounting and contoured bands than form around it. For more eclectic tastes, mix and match a lower-mounted engagement ring with straight bands in varying thicknesses and play with negative space. Just like any other stack, it helps to keep with a theme. Feel free to mix metals and stones here as well.

And this is important, don’t feel pressured to build your wedding stack all at once! This type of set can be built as you hit different life milestones such as engagement, wedding, anniversary, the birth of a child, job promotions, and any other event you’d want to memorialize.

Wedding stack on finger

Included in this stack --

How to Size Stackable Rings

While ring stacking definitely involves experimentation, you can also easily plan ahead when purchasing new rings. Keep sizing in mind – which finger do you plan to wear it on? What fits perfectly on one finger may slip right off the next. You can also try sizing up by a half or quarter size to have a little extra wiggle room when layering.

If you’ll be stacking on multiple fingers, make sure you know all their sizes! You can get more information on ring sizing at our Sizing Guide.

Additional Ring Stacking Inspiration

Petite Equilibrium Emerald Baguette Ring stack on finger

Included in this stack --

Moonstone Equilibrium Ring stack on finger

Included in this stack --

East West Equilibrium Emerald Ring stack on finger

Included in this stack --

Ruby Teardrop Ring stack on finger

Included in this stack --