Jennie Kwon Rose Cut Diamond Oval Deco Ring


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Jennie Kwon Rose Cut Diamond Oval Deco Ring

13 Types of Engagement Rings Jewelers Are Making Nonstop This Year: "We Can't Keep Enough"

Jennie Kwon says, "people just love the juxtaposition of something that feels like a nod to the past, but also feels modern and clean. We hand milgrain all of the beaded detailing on this piece and on our other deco style pieces, which gives this style a very personal, intimate feel. The design is low on the hand and contours beautifully so it really feels like it becomes a part of you." Read the full article on Popsugar. Shop Jennie Kwon Bridal Collection.

Jennie Kwon Oval Diamond Cluster Whisper Ring

28 Engagement Ring Designers to Follow If You're Already Imagining Your Ring

Some brides love to be surprised by their SO's approach to designing an engagement ring. But if you're a fashion girl in 2020, you probably have an eye for style. You know what's out there, you're well-versed in the latest trends, and you have friends with plenty of advice for securing that very special piece of jewelry. Read on for a list of designers for your dream ring inspiration. 

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