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Fine Jewelry Designer Jennie Kwon

Fine Jewelry Designer Jennie Kwon on Being a Gem Gangsta and More

LA's Jennie Kwon knows what it's like to live different lives. Before she landed on the fine jewelry shelves of Barneys and Catbird just a year after launching her eponymous line, the Young Guns talent was a corporate lawyer. Before that, the local designer was a classical violinist who performed at big-marquee venues like Carnegie Hall. (NBD.) We sat down with the self-professed jewelry "gangster" at Naturewell in Studio City, where she revealed which stylish hip-hop star got her starstruck, her favorite holiday, and more. Get all the details here. Shop Jennie Kwon Classics.

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Why Jennie Kwon Ditched Corporate Law to Make Jewelry

"It's exciting in the beginning when you're getting your feet wet," says Jennie Kwon of launching her eponymous jewelry line, "but there's a steep learning curve when it comes to running your own business. From sourcing stones to finding a place to buy boxes to figuring out proper etiquette with retailers and wholesalers—every single detail was from scratch." Read the full article here. Shop Jennie Kwon Classics.