Jennie Kwon Morganite Opal Leaf Ring

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Jennie Kwon Morganite Opal Leaf Ring

15 Sustainable Jewelry Brands to Shop Now

Luckily for jewelry lovers, our favorite sparkly pieces are inherently sustainable: metals like gold and silver as well as gemstones can be reused for eternity. In fact, one could argue that jewelry only gets better with age! Today's jewelry designers have tapped into this, using recycled gold and silver and sourcing ethical gems (either fairtrade or reused from other pieces) to create beautiful jewelry that also make the world a better place. Read the article here. Shop Jennie Kwon New Arrivals.


Jennie Kwon Diamond Marquise Baguette Equilibrium Ring 

17 Art Deco Ring That Are Perfect for Your Engagement

Every bride-to-be has her own style, and there has been a recent resurgence in vintage-inspired engagement and wedding rings, specifically of the Art Deco-era. Popping up in the mid-1920s, this decorative art period was the backdrop to the Jazz Age. Think the Great Gatsby, jazz, and speakeasies. In other words, it is the perfect celebratory piece to kick off your marriage. Read on to spark some inspiration on your hunt for the perfect Art Deco engagement ring. Shop Jennie Kwon Bridal Collection.