Jennie Kwon Diamond Baguette Mini Equilibrium Ring


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Jennie Kwon Diamond Baguette Mini Equilibrium Ring

28 Best Sustainable & Ethical Engagement Rings to Love Forever

Selecting an engagement ring is no small task: you’re not only shopping for an accessory you’ll wear every day but one that functions as an embodiment of your personal style. Shopping for an ethical or sustainable engagement ring is even harder. Read the full article on Vogue to learn more. Shop Jennie Kwon Bridal Collection.

Indira Scott in Jennie Kwon’s pendant for De Beers

De Beers Collaborates With 5 Female Jewelry Designers on a Capsule to Benefit Youth in Botswana

With a new collaboration called ReSet Collective, De Beers is asserting its long-term commitments to positive change. The project includes five independent female jewelry designers, amongst them, Jennie Kwon. Each designer created a one-of-a-kind pendant using diamonds sourced from the De Beers mines in Botswana. Read the full article in Vogue for all the details.

 Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Mini Deco Point Ring

Reconsidering the Pinky Ring: Why the Littlest Bling Can Have the Most Impact

When it comes to the human hand, as The New York Times once wrote, the thumb is the indisputable hero. The three fingers down the line carry their own importance—the dexterous index finger; the middle finger (elemental to the universal language of road rage); and the ring finger, where the symbolism of a gold band—or its absence—bears enormous weight. This fall, the humble pinky has the most untapped potential to make a big sartorial statement. The fifth-finger ring makes a surprisingly large statement on the diminutive digit, and the newest pinky rings have been reimagined beyond the simple signet. Get all the details here. Shop Jennie Kwon Rings.

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