Jennie Kwon Square RC Diamond Pear Ring

Vogue France

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Jennie Kwon Champagne Diamond Solitaire Echo Ring8 Jewelry designers to watch in Los Angeles

One of the newest stars in the American jewelry market, Jennie Kwon shares her slender, decorative rings on her Instagram account, which are also now stocked in several of the trendiest Parisian concept stores. Universally loved by the art and fashion crowds in Los Angeles, she offers something different to the jewelry scene, as well as stocking more classic bridal pieces. Read the full article here. 


Jennie Kwon Diamond Duo Deco Spear Ring

Jennie Kwon on how to choose a contemporary engagement ring

One of the first of the new-generation jewelry stars in the US to catch our eye on Instagram with her fine stacking rings, Jennie Kwon’s delicate pieces are now available at the Paris concept store Hod. A closer look at the contemporary engagement rings that are bringing a little California style to the Paris jewelry scene. Read the full article in Vogue France.

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