Jennie Kwon's delicate, romantic and colorful styles featuring green sapphires, blue sapphires and rubies.


A moonstone ring by Jennie Kwon

Colored gemstones and 'imperfect' diamonds: Non-traditional engagement rings are here to stay

When you think of an engagement ring, what do you picture? Perhaps a sparkling solitaire stone, or a halo of smaller gems encircling a central jewel.
No matter the style, you're likely imagining white diamonds, which have been the reigning symbols of marital commitment for over a century. But within the past decade, traditions surrounding engagement rings have loosened as colored gemstones and unique designs become prevalent across social media and on celebrities' fingers. Now, many jewelry designers offer engagement rings featuring sapphires, rubies and pearls -- as well as "imperfect" diamonds, which can be raw, speckled with shades of gray or colored with hues like brown or pink -- for couples in search of an idiosyncratic or more affordable ring. Read the full article here.