Oval Diamond Equilibrium Ring


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Oval Diamond Equilibrium Ring

7 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Be Big In 2022, According to Experts

Pairing the notion of a fashion trend with something as long-lasting as an engagement ring can seem counterintuitive — the latter is equated with timelessness while the former is usually thought of as fleeting. But in reality, everyone’s personal taste varies and what’s classic to one individual is out-of-date for another. Brush up on the most anticipated engagement ring trends on Refinery29. Shop Jennie Kwon's Bridal Collection.
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Why Anti-Statement Jewelry Is Everything

We love a good statement necklace, but we aren’t about to forget the appeal of pretty, dainty jewelry. For the days we’re more pared down, a sophisticated set of studs there and an understated band here will do. Read the article on Refinery29. Shop Jennie Kwon necklaces.

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