Jennie Kwon Designs Oval Diamond Wisp Ring


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Jennie Kwon Designs Oval Diamond Wisp Ring

7 On-Trend Engagement Rings That Retail For Less Than $5,000

Like so many trends accelerated by the pandemic, consumers’ desire for accessibly priced engagement rings has intensified over the past year. Before March 2020, modern brides were already more independent, opinionated, and value driven than previous generations. Now, thanks to our new work-from-home reality, they are also increasingly casual. For today’s soon-to-be-engaged woman, the ultimate prize is no longer a mega-diamond stunner that cost her partner three months’ salary, but a ring—not necessarily centered on a diamond—that feels uniquely her own. Read the full article here. Shop Jennie Kwon Bridal Collection.


De Beers Group ReSet Collective pendant. eopard-inspired pendant in 18k gold with melee diamonds and a rough diamond from Botswana designed by Jennie Kwon

De Beers Debuts ReSet Collective With Top Designers

Jennie Kwon was one of five female jewelry designers invited by the De Beers Group to participate in a trip to Botswana on a mission to "reset" perceptions of the natural diamond industry. The collaboration resulted in the ReSet Collective, where each designer created a unique pendant inspired by the people, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes of Botswana. Read the full article here.

 Jennie Kwon

Get to Know Jennie Kwon Jewelry

Los Angeles–based designer Jennie Kwon has been turning out subtle 14k gold styles with tiny beaded accents for two and a half years. A former classical violinist and corporate attorney, she traded both careers for a new one in jewelry once she became a mom. She tested the waters with a course in metalsmithing, fell hard for design, and quickly shifted gears. Now she sketches styles for her jeweler or CAD artist to bring to life through casting or hand-fabrication. Super-delicate pieces comprise hand-pulled wire for durability, and every item is made in LA. Most pieces feature diamond accents, or emeralds, opals, and sapphires for their long-wearing qualities. Read the full article here.

Half Moon Signet Necklace

How I Got Here: Jennie Kwon Blends Art, Music, and Logic into Her Jewelry

Once people find out jewelry designer Jennie Kwon was an attorney, they have questions. Those questions double when they discover she also was a classical violinist.

Throw in there that she also is a mother to twins, and those asking the questions typically are stumped, Kwon says. But there is a through line to all these roles, including her leadership at Jennie Kwon Designs—they require an extraordinary level of meticulousness that Kwon says she thrives on as an artist. Read the full article here.

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