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25 Stunning Art Deco Engagement Rings You Can Actually Buy Online

Nearly a century after its inception, Art Deco style is making its bold, extravagant comeback. Once an expression of '20s grandeur, Art Deco's geometric patterns, liberal use of symmetry, and vibrant jewel tones continue to infiltrate modern-day fashion, art, interior design, and jewelry. Case in point: the resurgence of Art Deco engagement rings. Get the full guide here.

 Jennie Kwon RC Round Diamond Pear Ring

This Will Be the Biggest Anti-Trend Engagement Ring Trend of 2020

The biggest trend in engagement rings isn't pearls or colored stones—but a classic solitaire or three-stone ring, with an added touch to the designs to show a bit of personality. Read on to learn more about some of the most beautiful anti-trend solitaire and three-stone engagement rings. Read the full article here. Shop Jennie Kwon's bridal collection.

Jennie Kwon White Semi Pave Ring

20 Minimalist Engagement Rings For The Non-Flashy Bride

In a marketplace full of bold trends and a competition for Kim Kardashian -scale rocks, it's no surprise that minimalism has stuck around. Sure, statement necklaces and cocktail rings will always have their moment to shine, but it's easier to create a daily look with a few pieces that match everything. And, with so many burgeoning jewelry designers creating beautiful simple styles, minimalist jewelry is evolving beyond just stacking rings and lariat necklaces. The same pared-back aesthetic can filter down to your engagement ring, too. Choosing one that coordinates with your overall style can be a breath of fresh air. Read the full article here.


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